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About Me

Hi, I'm Lottie. Welcome to my website. I am an artist and writer from South Bristol, England, who has always had a keen interest in fantasy, folklore, mythology, and all things otherworldly.

I love being a storyteller. Seeing people connect with stories, and how they interpret and draw meaning and perspectives from the works I produce. I am a passionate artist, performer (though a bit out of practice!), reader, and writer. I love art’s potential to connect, inspire, elicit emotion, and even have an enduring cultural, or societal impact. I am fascinated by the process of building a character, a scene, a setting- bringing an entire world alive in my imagination and transferring it to paper.

I have been a freelance artist for ten+ years, completing ad-hoc commissions alongside my day job, specialising mainly in graphite portraits- but recent personal and global events over the last few years have given me the push to reinvest in myself and follow my drive to create. I recently took the leap and went part-time at work so that I could pursue a Masters in illustration, part-time, via distance learning through Falmouth University.

I am excited to be on this journey, and to share it- and my creative works- with you.

Thanks for visiting!

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